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Little Black Dress Weddings - by Chelsea
Out-of-Town Bags, Reception Frill, Gifts and DDI4Y Favors, and Wedding Styling
Welcome to Little Black Dress!

Welcome to Little Black Dress!

Every woman has at least one little black dress hanging in her closet.

It is her best friend. Its timeless, elegant, sexy, you can dress it up or down, it's just a classic necessity. Just like all those little black dresses, comes Little Black Dress Weddings. Meant to be your "go-to" or your best friend while planning your wedding for all the latest wedding styles, trends, frills, gifts and more. Little Black Dress Weddings, or LBD Weddings, represents you and your style from our cake stands to our styling services, we work with you to ensure that your wedding is 100% reflective of you. Little Black Dress Weddings is your new best friend.